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With over 30 years of experience in the care and management of landscape plants, Stanley founded Tree Keepers® in Falmouth, ME., in 1989, expanding to Easton MD in 2008 to help property owners protect natural waterways and Bays like the Chesapeake Bay by caring for their trees and landscapes.

Just like us, trees need regular check-ups and regular care. Tree Keepers® understand how they grow and how they respond to cultural practices and the environment. Let us share our appreciation.
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Tree Keepers® is committed to the health of our bays and its tributaries. We need to protect our trees in our Watersheds because one acre of trees inland can absorb enough carbon to handle our car exhaust, cool the air, and filter the water that goes in the streams, rivers, and bays. Because it takes 20 years for a tree to reach its peak performance in helping the environment, it is essential to maintain trees as they grow. We want to help property owners make a positive impact on the environment by caring for their trees and the critical areas. We want to help property owners positively impact the environment by caring for their trees and the critical areas.

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Tree Keepers® services Include tree evaluations, restoration, preservation, managed care plans, critical area, forest area buffer management plans, environmentally-friendly injectable nutrient, integrated pest management (IPM), and arborjet® services.

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