When it comes to integrated pest management, Tree Keepers is here to come to the aid of your trees. Whether it be checking to see the status of the tree’s health and ecosystem to taking care of possible pests and diseases, Tree Keepers will provide a wide scope of services for the standards of the community, as well as the property owner.

Enter the Arborjet

For the latter of our services, we believe in using eco-friendly methods. One of those methods is the Arborjet, a unique way to combat sources of tree damage. A form of integrated pest management, the Arborjet is a system administers micro-injectable nutrients, insecticides, and fungicides. Rather than spraying chemicals on the tree, the Arborjet actually injects insecticide within the tree, which in turn prevents causing unnecessary damage to the rest of the environment. Rather than trees only receiving 10% of treatment, they will now receive the full 100% of whatever is injected.

Be sustainable with the arborjet

With it being Earth Month, choosing to approach certain projects with sustainability in mind goes a long way for yourself and the world around you. As a proud provider of the Arborjet, our team here at Tree Keepers understand the importance of choosing products that help pave the way toward a healthier environment. When you work with us, you are working with 30 years of experience, with our goal beyond service is providing healthy trees for the area. To inquire more about the Arborjet and our services, we can be reached via our contact page for your next project.

The Arborjet and its Powerful Benefits 1