Tree cabling and bracing are important techniques used in tree care to improve the structural integrity of trees. Trees are valuable assets and provide numerous benefits to the environment and people. However, trees can become structurally weak or damaged due to various reasons such as storms, disease, pests, or improper pruning.

When a tree is structurally weak, it can pose a risk to property and people. Tree cabling and bracing are effective methods used to strengthen weak trees, prevent further damage, and prolong the life of a tree.

Tree cabling involves the use of steel cables to support weak branches or trunks. Cables are installed high in the tree canopy and anchored to strong branches or trunks. The cables limit the movement of weak branches or trunks, reducing the risk of breakage.

Cables are typically installed in trees with multiple stems or branches that are prone to splitting or cracking. Cabling is also used in trees with V-shaped branch unions that are susceptible to failure. Cables are an effective technique for improving the safety and longevity of trees.

Tree bracing involves the use of steel rods to support weak branch unions. Braces are installed through the weak union and anchored to strong branches or trunks. The braces provide additional support and prevent the weak union from separating.

Bracing is typically used in trees with narrow branch unions, included bark, or decay. Bracing is an effective technique for preventing branch failure and improving the structural integrity of trees.

It is important to note that tree cabling and bracing should only be performed by a certified arborist. Improper installation can cause more damage to a tree or even make it more hazardous.

Our certified arborist will inspect the tree, identify the weak areas, and recommend the appropriate cabling or bracing technique. The arborist will also ensure that the installation is done correctly and that the hardware used is of high quality.

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