Tree Care Plans

Image Text: Similar to a yearly doctor’s visit, trees also require routine management. These days there are many threats to a tree’s health and you want to ensure their wellbeing to prevent safety hazards, spreading pests, and more. Tree Keepers® provides tree care plans including critical area management and forest management plans depending on your needs. These plans help property owners improve their property’s role in protecting Maine’s shore land zone and Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay critical area. Trees and buffer zones are crucial for improving the health of our environment and must be cared for if we hope to preserve the land we live in. Our risk assessments include inspections of the tree’s limbs to determine if incorrect growth can jeopardize the tree’s base and strength, inspection of cracks to determine rot, illness, or pest infestations; evaluations for stress, cankers, root system health, and much more. We overlook no detail during our care plan assessments!