Arborists initially developed Arborjet specifically for arborists in order to effectively manage many threats to our natural and urban forests.

Research Backed Treecare

Arborjet’s unique method of developing formulations includes a pairing process which matches the active ingredient and application method with the physiology of the plant. Whether treating ash trees in the midwest, palms in Florida, or tomato plants country-wide, this approach is why you will find significantly longer residual control and superior overall performance with our products.The research behind Arborjet’s products helps maximize efficiency in protecting against conditions such as phototoxicity and other harmful side effects to guarantee healthy plants and trees independent of where you live.

Arborjet Products

Some of the products and methods offered by Arborjet include trunk injections, Arborplugs, and personalized ways to treat a variety of conditions. Trunk injection is the most effective alternative to spraying or soil applied pesticides for tree insect or pest control. Arborjet’s trunk injection equipment injects formulations directly into the trunk where it is quickly taken up by the vascular system and distributed throughout the tree. With over 10 years of research and development, our trunk injection systems and formulations are proven to give the best results when protecting trees from pests. The Arborjet drill-plug-inject method is easy to learn and application is quick, eco-friendly, cost effective, and great for urban and rural forests alike.


Choosing The Right Experts

Tree Keepers is committed to the health of the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries. Because it takes 20 years for a tree to reach its peak performance in helping the environment, it is important to maintain trees as they grow. That is why we are certified and knowledgeable users of Arborjet services and products. By directly injecting the insecticide in the tree, instead of broadly spraying the chemicals on the tree, which can hurt the environment; 100 percent of the insecticide goes to the tree’s phloem. In the past, when using traditional spraying methods, only 10 percent of the needed treatment got to the tree’s affected areas. A percentage of these traditional methods leach into watershed, possibly destroying the surrounding environment and negatively impacting the area. By choosing Tree Keepers, you can trust you’re hiring a company that understands environmental responsibility, care, and excellence to our planet!