Winter time in Maine. It is hard to find a better time of year. With the temperature continuing to drop, soon enough our trees will be coated in a beautiful dusting of snow. Speaking of your trees, now is the perfect time to engage in winter tree services from Tree Keepers ahead of the colder months. The winter is an essential time to keep an eye out on your tree, as the cold and inclement weather can greatly impact them. This can lead to tree damage, as well as personal damage if not taken care of. Keep the following services in mind this December to ensure a safe and sound winter season.

The importance of winter tree services cannot be emphasized enough, as they are an effective way to ensure your trees remain healthy from both disease and stunted growth. It also is an opportune time to diagnose any issues in the tree since there is improved visibility from the leaves falling. An unsafe tree is a hazard for those around, so make the most of winter by getting on top of your winter tree services today.

Tree Pruning and Trimming:
When it comes to tree pruning and trimming, there is no better time to take care of this than in the winter time. This is because trees actually remain dormant this time of year, so you will not have to worry about growth. Both pruning and trimming are essential because it reduces the amount of stress on the tree, which in turn leads to reduced risks of disease transmission. And when spring comes, you will see that the removal of dead or damaged branches actually leads to healthier growth once the temperatures increase.

Tree Removal:
Along with pruning and trimming, winter is the opportune time to remove any trees from your property that you see fit. Since the ground is frozen or less muddy compared to other months, there is less chance of damage to your landscaping. Along with less foliage, our professionals will be able to get in with ease without harming your property. Winter tree removal also has less impacts on local wildlife, as you will avoid active nesting sites and be less likely to disrupt any habitats that have been established.

Tree Cabling and Bracing:
For trees that are experiencing weak or compromised branch unions or trunks, tree cabling and bracing is the perfect winter tree service. By installing braces and cables when the tree is dormant, risk of failure is reduced, making winter storms a non-factor against cabling and bracing. This also promotes better longevity for the tree, helping it grow for years to come. And of course, it will improve the overall look of your tree.

No matter what winter tree services you need, Tree Keepers is here to provide exceptional service for your property. We take your trees’ health seriously, and we strive to keep them thriving even in the coldest of months. To get any of these taken care of, be sure to head over to our contact page to get in touch with us today!