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The Cost of not Maintaining Trees

Most people get excited about new things, like cars, buildings, and yes, newly planted trees. But what was once new, soon becomes old, and with age comes the question of maintenance. Preventive or proactive maintenance sets the stage to provide greater service life, and if done correctly, preventive maintenance should cost less than delaying maintenance. For properly planted and maintained trees, a greater, overall value of the urban forest is a likely result.  Human nature, however, means that we… Continue reading

Tree Keepers Presents at National Conference


CONTACT: Bob Stanley (207-350-1606)

Bob Stanley

Pictured is Bob Stanley, Tree Keepers Consulting Arborist, who spoke to urban forestry professionals at the Community Forestry Conference in Tulsa, OK, on “The Cost of Not Maintaining Trees in the Urban Forest.”

Robert Stanley, Consulting Arborist and owner of Tree Keepers, LLC in Easton, MD, spoke to urban forestry professionals at the Community Forestry Conference in Tulsa, OK, on the cost of not maintaining trees… Continue reading

Browntail Caterpillar Treatment Options

Browntail Moth Caterpillar

Why are they a problem?

The browntail caterpillar has microscopic hairs that cause a skin rash similar to poison ivy and /or trouble breathing in sensitive individuals.

The hairs break off the caterpillars and are everywhere in browntail infested areas; on trees, lawns, gardens, decks, picnic table and in the air.  Wind or activities such as mowing, leaf-blowing, etc., can stir up the hairs, leading to a reaction. And the hairs remain toxic for years.


DEAD AS A… Continue reading

Explore the “Shady” side of Easton

‘Tis Christmas in July! Otherwise known as the time of year you are saying, “It’s way to hot! I cannot wait until Christmas!” And, then Christmas comes and you’re saying…. Well, we all know how that works. Since we can’t do anything to change the scorching temperatures, we may as well embrace them.  There are many ways we humans choose to cool off in the heat of summer: jumping in swimming pools, running through sprinklers, drinking a cold beer,… Continue reading

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