Talking About Trees

Why Do Trees Change Color?

Do you know why this time of year the leaves on trees change to the vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows that we see?  Learn how the diminishing daylight affects the color of leaves in this Scientific American video.

Basics: How to Prune a Tree

Basic pruning includes removing suckers, water sprouts, dead, damages and crossing branches. Winter is an ideal time to prune a tree as there are fewer insects and bacteria present to attack the tree. The following tips will help maintain healthy and happy trees:

  1. Determine your pruning goals in advance so you will know when to prune and how much canopy you should remove.
  2. Work from the bottom up.
  3. For small material and limbs less than 1” in diameter, use… Continue reading

Codominant Stems

What are codominant stems?

Weak Branch UnionsThe term “codominant stems” is used to describe 2 or more main stems (or “leaders”) that are about the same diameter and emerge from the same location on the main trunk.  As the tree grows older, the stems remain similar in size without any single one becoming dominant. Codominant stems are one form of poor architecture and weak branch unions.

Why are such stems important to recognize?

After the Storm and Before Winter – Is Your Tree Safe?

Often it is the result of a significant weather event that makes us look at the health of our trees.  With the arrival of the recent hurricane, Sandy, many of the region’s trees have been weakened. To see if your tree is safe from the effects of the strong winds and torrential rains, you may need to request a risk assessment be done to determine the health of your tree(s).

There are seven types of tree defects which are… Continue reading

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