Often it is the result of a significant weather event that makes us look at the health of our trees.  With the arrival of the recent hurricane, Sandy, many of the region’s trees have been weakened. To see if your tree is safe from the effects of the strong winds and torrential rains, you may need to request a risk assessment be done to determine the health of your tree(s).

There are seven types of tree defects which are usually evaluated in a risk assessment:

Dead Wood 1 – Dead Wood

cracks_lines_bulges 2 – Cracks, Lines, and Bulges in the Bark

weak_branch_unions 3 – Weak Branch Unions

decay 4 – Decay

After the Storm and Before Winter – Is Your Tree Safe? 1 5 – Cankers

leaning 6 – Root Problems – leaning, or root system lifting out of the ground

architecture 7 – Poor Tree Architecture

Before the cold winter winds begin to blow, take time to have your trees assessed. You won’t be sorry as the “check-up” could save you thousands of dollars later and more importantly – save your trees!